52 Shot in Chicago: 2 Months After 58 Shot!

It seems the storm drains in Chicago have been keeping the streets of Negro neighborhoods from flooding with blood – not water, as 52 people were shot over the weekend. People continue to get “blown away” in The Windy City.

After the horrific violence in Chicago, and a state of emergency being declared in a Pennsylvania town in the past few days, little will be made of this.

You will still continue to see commercials with whites and Negroes holding hands, dating and smiling. The magic television says we are all the same – so it must be true.

This is racial reality.

Click here for the full story.


5 Responses to “52 Shot in Chicago: 2 Months After 58 Shot!”

  1. Given No Quarter Says:

    These animals need to be neutered and then caged. South Africa has nothing on the Judaized States of America.

  2. Michelle Says:

    You filthy racist pig. Violence like this happens among whites as well. Where I come from blacks (not Negros you asshole) and whites like myself are all the same, an some of us are violent. It has nothing to do with our skin color and everything to do with the socio-economic conditions we’ve been brought up in. It’s just too bad that it wasn’t you and others like you that weren’t among the dead in this incident.

    • niviusvir Says:

      Don’t give me the “socio-economic” garbage, you filthy politically correct pig.

      Your ceaseless list of excuses will never change the facts.

      According to the Department of Justice, Negroes are at least seven times more likely to commit murder.

      In 2005 (also from the DOJ) nearly 40,000 white women were raped by Negroes, while ten black women at most were raped by white men.

      A 40,000:10 ratio should numb a logical thinker’s mind!

      You do not have to worry about being shot in a drive-bye shooting in even the poorest of white towns.

  3. NV:
    Gee, I’d love to know the LAST time white thugs shot up a section of a major innder city…
    Or when packs of roaming banger WHITES tore up Chicago, or Philly.

    BTW, if stats mean anything…between the years 1881-1930 there were 2,462 blacks killed by LYNCHING, while in 2008 ALONE, there were 6,782 blacks killed by HOMICIDE…most killed by OTHER BLACKS.

    I’m just sayin’…


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