Maryland Beating of High School Student Caught on Video

Here is another case of a savage attack caught on tape.

Click here for the news story.


5 Responses to “Maryland Beating of High School Student Caught on Video”

  1. It’s just another day in the Bowie schools, Niv. Protest, and you go to prison (if you’re white).

  2. Dixieman Says:

    Can’t believe that the herpes faced simian actually said “expulsion could be an option”?????????? Until these feral simians are removed from the public schools, there is no way a child can expect to get a decent education. These feral chimps are not interested in obtaining an education. The attackers should be put down as the violent animals they are!

  3. niggers always attack whites in a gang if this whitey were smart he would hit one of them up side the head with a rock in a sock.

  4. I can remember as a child in the late 60’s the end of the school year was always marked by race riots. I remember having two older black boys fighting over which one of them was going to beat me up. Luckily, a classmate’s mother saw what was happening and saw me safely home. I will never forget the vision of gangs of black kids rampaging outside the school like crazed animals on a food hunt. I was just a little girl and absolutely terrified by this wild spectacle. After that I begged my mother to let me live with my father in another city. I am dismayed to see that after 40 years, some behaviors haven’t changed.

    Sad to say that in any public school with a large percentage of blacks, the remaining students just aren’t safe.

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