A Seattle Police Officer Punches a Female After She Assaults Him

A Negro girl who tried to bully, control and domineer a situation with a Seattle police officer was punched after she attacked the officer.

Our good friends in the media start the video clip with the “poor” Negro girl being punched by the “evil” officer. One news site published the biased title, “Teen girl punched after jaywalking by Seattle Cop.”

As usual, you must peer through the intentional obfuscation to see the truth.

The officer reacts after being pushed by a Negro girl acting as if she has more testosterone than a bull elephant. She sees the officer trying to arrest her “nigga” so she feels the appropriate way to react is by attacking the police officer. After she shoves him very hard, he realizes he is on the fine line of losing control around a crowd of hostile Negroes in their classic shark-like circling ritual. For good reason he felt threatened (one would assume) so he then counters the attack with one of his own, like he was properly trained to do.

Only later does the truth of the act manage to wiggle its way free. As the video plays out, you see video evidence that proves the Negro was the initiator of the violence.

If I were ever stupid enough to shove a police officer, I would expect (rightfully so) a few lumps on my foolish head. You do not shove a police officer!


4 Responses to “A Seattle Police Officer Punches a Female After She Assaults Him”

  1. Seattle has a very weak and politically correct police department. Black street crime is way out of control in Seattle, with the Tuba Man murder and the guy who tried to bomb the police motor pool and then shot two cops killing one. Black people are used to getting their way in Seattle and probably will in this case. The two candidates for police chief are the Hispanic interim chief and a black from California, I assume the black buy will get it now.

  2. i saw the whole thing and the negroes should have been knocked senseless with a night stick,maced,tasered and shot dead. at least we would be rid of two breeders of substandard negroes.

  3. NV:
    This was a case of this sheboon laying a HAND on an officer in the middle of trying to PROPERLY detain a person.

    You NEVER interfere with an officer doing his job, and certainly NEVER place a hand on them.

    The officer did NOTHING wrong, and the woman was “baiting” him anyway.

    He should have whipped out a baton and smacked her bone head…they don’t like those too much.

    That’s the way these vermin work…by DISTRACTION, and then try to turn it back on the police.
    Seen it all too often.

    Time to change the minds of these sub-humans…!
    The laws apply to EVERYONE…THAT is EQUALITY.

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