Mother of Eight Murdered in Sadistic Killing

Starr Harris

Rickey A. Bell

An arrest has been made in the murder of Starr Harris. She was a mother of eight from Tennessee who was apparently murdered in a sadistic killing by Negro, Rickey A. Bell.

The victim’s husband said, ” As sweet and kind as my wife was, it is just, you know, there is something majorly wrong with any person that would do something like this. ”

The murderer, Rickey A. Bell was fresh out of prison (How many times have we heard that?) with a very lengthy rap sheet.

Events surrounding the murder were heinous: three of Bell’s relatives have been arrested for coercion of a witness i.e. the domineering nature of the Negro forced them to intimidate a witness. His brothers Allen Michael Bell, Kevin Dewayne Bell and cousin Pierre Marta Richardson blocked a witness’ vehicle from leaving, with their own vehicle. After that they got out of their vehicle, rushed the witness and attacked him.

Allen Michael Bell

Kevin Dewayne Bell

Pierre Marta Richardson

Thanks to WhiteIGNITERS for bringing attention to this story.


3 Responses to “Mother of Eight Murdered in Sadistic Killing”

  1. George Wallace Says:

    Husband Harris is a clueless white dumb fuck. Easy pickings for criminal niggers.

  2. Dixieman Says:

    These feral chimps should be taken out and strung up. As usual, no coverage of this story by the mainstream media. We can’t have these violent beast portrayed in an honest light. Now the taxpayers get to pay for these monkeys while they are off to nigger college. Putting these chimps down like one would do a feral dog would be the best solution.

  3. You got that one right, Dixieman!

    We put down perfectly GOOD (and in many cases) harmless animals all around the USA every damn day, and YET…THESE crapskin criminals keep getting the “po boy in poverty” treatment. Let’s just incarcerate them.
    You are simply NOT going to rehab these creatures, so why even bother to keep ANY of them the hell ALIVE!
    It’s a huge waste of taxpayer $$$ and penal resources.

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