Thousands of Miles Separate US From France; Yet Racial Results are the Same

I would like to thank Robert Reis for pointing out this disgusting video; he’s doing his part.

This Negro’s advances were not received very well by this petite blond, and he did not take too kindly to that: so she “had to pay.”

The girl to the left tries to avoid this Negro predator.

For her efforts she is punished.

After the male Negro strikes the white female victim, it triggers an attack response from a second Negro. This one follows up with an attack himself.

The girl is left picking herself up.

All white females need to see this.

You Tube decided this video was not “appropriate” for people to see; the truth about race has not been “appropriate” for quite some time now.

So – you must click here to see the video of what this animal did to an innocent white female.


2 Responses to “Thousands of Miles Separate US From France; Yet Racial Results are the Same”

  1. Dixieman Says:

    Someone should take this vile and disgusting pavement ape and slap the shit out of him. It seems every day that more and more of these vicious attacks occur. Now if that had been a white man slapping a sheboon, this would be all over the mainstream media and the white male would be in jail with thousands of death threats. Since it was a feral chimp attempting to get his muh dick on, all is ignored. I would personally love to see this worthless piece of shit beaten to a pulp. I do have a lot of respect for the white girl resisting the advances of this groid. I can only hope that she has a father and some older brothers who will hunt down this groid and administer some justice………

  2. Wow. Goes to show that you can’t take the animal out of the negro since he can’t logically like a “HUMAN” since he is not a man!

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