87-Year-Old Beaten So Severely She Lost Sight in One Eye

Lois Rossen

Louisa county, Virginia law enforcement described the beating of 87-year-old, Lois Rossen, as “one of the most brutal cases they have ever seen.”

Remone J. Houchens

“Also arrested in connection with the case are Rontray L. Houchens and Linda D. Houchens. Rontray Houchens was charged with three counts of drug distribution and one count of obstruction of justice. Linda Houchens was charged with obstruction of justice.”

-NBC 12

Rontray L. Houchens

Linda D Houchens


3 Responses to “87-Year-Old Beaten So Severely She Lost Sight in One Eye”


    Naw J/k…anybody know what happened to detroitiscrap and diversity is crap?

  2. These human piles of dog crap who attacked that elderly Louisa, Virginia woman need to be put away for life! They are nothing but pure garbage, plain and simple. I’m tired of hearing the sad sob story from Remone Houchens and how he’s the victim in this case, blab, blab, blab. He needs to be put away for life if for no other reason than to prevent him from ending up on death row, someday, which is inevitable at this point.

    His mother is also guilty of helping to create this monster, and now she wants to sob and sniffle in court, whining about how “unfair” her little boy is being treated.

    I’d prefer to see these three piles of human dog crap lined up and shot, but you know how it is – we have to walk on eggshells around them for fear we might somehow insult them or violate their rights. My question is where were the rights of the innocent victim?

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