Man Forced to Defend His House and Life From Invaders

Gary Anderson

If you’re no stranger to The Cave, or Negro behavior, you are well aware of the frequency which Negroes break into people’s homes and terrorize them.

Once in a while it’s a pleasure to report some good news: Gary Anderson of Chattanooga was faced with two invaders breaking into his house.

Marvin Jenkins and Andre Wallace

The events that transpired were frightening. He heard two doors slam downstairs, looked out one of his windows and saw a car turning around in his driveway; he knew something was wrong, especially when his ol’ dog, Darnell’s ears stood straight up. He then went downstairs with his pistol at which time he encountered Andre Jenkins and Marvin Wallace. Wallace rushed Mr. Anderson and was shot once. He then shot the intruder three more times. As Wallace stumbled out the victim’s door and collapsed in the yard he sought mercy. Gary Anderson determined the threat was neutralized and called 911.

We’re glad Mr. Anderson is alright.


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