‘Look at that white piece of shit.’

A white man in Richmond, California was beaten with a pipe by three Hispanic men. One of them said at the time of the attack, “Look at that white piece of shit.”

The media, true to form, barely made a peep of this matter. You can find some obscure articles on the attack, but nothing amounting to real coverage.

It is clear that by today’s “standards”, it is truly acceptable to some for a white to be attacked by “minorities.”

Click here for the story.


2 Responses to “‘Look at that white piece of shit.’”

  1. croydonfacelift Says:

    Check out this, from Seattle: Black/Philippino gang beats, whips, tortures kids because he’s white, only one tv station (from Tacoma!) picks it up:

  2. niviusvir Says:

    Thank you, croydonfacelift, for bringing that story to our attention.

    You might not believe this, but about 1 minute before reading your comment, I was told about that story.

    Nonetheless, we appreciate you sharing the information for all of us.

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