72-Year-Old Can’t Even Get His Hair Cut Without Getting a Gang Beating: Hate Crime?

I first saw the story below at the very informative, Council of Conservative Citizens.

I try very hard to limit blogging about the same stories as others, but I take crimes against the elderly seriously, and these dastardly deeds need all the attention they can get. Negroes are feasting on the elderly, and as many people possible need to shed light on this.

A 72-year-old man was attacked by a pack of violent Negroes, while he was leaving a barbershop in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Thanks to the CoCC for keeping an eye out for us.


2 Responses to “72-Year-Old Can’t Even Get His Hair Cut Without Getting a Gang Beating: Hate Crime?”

  1. NV:
    ‘Ya beat me to this story…was gonna tell you abouit it, but there ‘ya go.
    Right on the ball.
    You’re definitely good.

    WHY were these teen thugs NOT in school???
    And why were they older ones NOT served?

    Man, when I lived in Philly, Glen Burnie, MD used to be a quiet little town…goes to show what can (and will) happen when you allow such shitskins into ANY city, town, or borough, doesn’t it?

    We’ve got to start telling our police to take off these damn “kid gloves” and allow them to DO what we pay them to do…PROTECT and SERVE.

    OR…give EVERY law-abiding citizen a damn GUN!
    (and the ability to use it when required)

    Either way will stem the tide of such crime.

    • niviusvir Says:

      Thanks, Bob. It’s always good to hear your take on things. I enjoy hearing the common sense you speak.

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