73-Year Old Man and Friend Savagely Attacked by Mob With Apparent Collective Hate

Yes, you can witness below the merciless and savage beating of a 73-year old man and his friend at the hands of a group of Negroes in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Negro will continue to prove people like myself right: they are extremely dangerous.


7 Responses to “73-Year Old Man and Friend Savagely Attacked by Mob With Apparent Collective Hate”

  1. Dixieman Says:

    The reporter has it wrong. It is a group of feral niggers attacking two older white men. Naturally, I’ve not seen this story on the national news. This film should be shown to every white person in the country as a reason to obtain a CCW and keep yourself armed at all times. It would’ve been nice to have seen one of those two white men pull out a weapon and squeeze a few rounds into the chimpfest. From what I’ve seen lately, and of course, Nivius does a great job of posting stories like this one, is that the latest “in” thing for worthless chimps to do is assault black people. They figure that since “their boy” is in office, they have carte blanche to do whatever they want. I can only hope that these feral niggers run into me, or someone like me who firmly exercises their second amendment rights.

  2. Dixieman Says:

    Sorry for the mistake, I meant to type “assault white people”. Seen way too much TNB today…….

    • niviusvir Says:

      Well put, Dixieman: the Second Amendment is indeed a beautiful thing – and Negros are not.

  3. Mythslayer Says:

    A few well placed shots into that pack of uncivilized beasts sure would disperse that crowd of cowards. Oops, is that racist ? Too fucking bad jews and liberals. Kiss my white ass. When the time comes to chose sides we wont forget whose side you spoke up for. The color of your skin wont save you then…….

  4. Swamp Music Says:

    I completely agree with Dixieman and Mythslayer. Feral Niggers is a great way to put it. Long live the South! I’m sick of these black animals ruining America. They want to turn it into Somalia. They won’t pick on an able bodied White Man, just the old and infirm, who can’t fight back.

  5. Phil in Ohio Says:

    That is a hate crime if I ever seen one . Will them animals be charged with that ? Individually they can be nice , but once you get two or more together all bets are off. Them white guys would have been justified in deadly force once them monkeys chased them to the corner store. I would have only fired two warning shots … One to the chest ,one to the head…

  6. Carry a gun, kill the monkeys when they attack.

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