DC Principal Gave to Community – Received Murder and Robbery

Brian Betts, a Washington, DC principal was murdered by what appears to be some more “misguided” Negros.

And yes, these Negroes once again, should have been off the streets for prior crimes committed. Another white has become the victim of the terrifying tandem: the judicial system and the Negro.


2 Responses to “DC Principal Gave to Community – Received Murder and Robbery”

  1. This officer looks strikingly similar to the four “ginger haired” officers killed in Seattle last November.
    This. and the nigroid blogs, where they brag about beating “ginger haired” whites, leads me to conclude, the internet has helped otherwise myopic primates, band into an untethered terror force with narrow focus.
    The attackers have many things in common, but most significantly,
    they are all black and unqualified for freedom.

  2. How did I know that it would end up being diversity that killed principal?

    Another out of DC – college student shot for not giving her phone number to the perp.


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