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1 Murder Every 9.5 Hours in Baltimore This Weekend

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That’s right, there was one murder every 9.5 hours in Baltimore over Memorial Day Weekend. But they’ve slaughtered slightly less so far this year; that deserves an award – doesn’t it?

Another Senior Citizen is Left Fighting for His Life

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Beaten to Bloody Pulp: ‘Victim Has No Doubt it Was Motivated by Race’

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Shane McClellan

Fifteen-year-old, Shane McClellan, was beaten to a pulp and had a gun put to his head by some angelic minorities.

I’m sure he violated these heathens’ civil rights somehow.

Again, the national media will have no hour long specials on this. They like to make whites feel unnecessary shame, but the Negro and other “minorities” are free to do as they please to us.

87-Year-Old Beaten So Severely She Lost Sight in One Eye

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Lois Rossen

Louisa county, Virginia law enforcement described the beating of 87-year-old, Lois Rossen, as “one of the most brutal cases they have ever seen.”

Remone J. Houchens

“Also arrested in connection with the case are Rontray L. Houchens and Linda D. Houchens. Rontray Houchens was charged with three counts of drug distribution and one count of obstruction of justice. Linda Houchens was charged with obstruction of justice.”

-NBC 12

Rontray L. Houchens

Linda D Houchens

Man Forced to Defend His House and Life From Invaders

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Gary Anderson

If you’re no stranger to The Cave, or Negro behavior, you are well aware of the frequency which Negroes break into people’s homes and terrorize them.

Once in a while it’s a pleasure to report some good news: Gary Anderson of Chattanooga was faced with two invaders breaking into his house.

Marvin Jenkins and Andre Wallace

The events that transpired were frightening. He heard two doors slam downstairs, looked out one of his windows and saw a car turning around in his driveway; he knew something was wrong, especially when his ol’ dog, Darnell’s ears stood straight up. He then went downstairs with his pistol at which time he encountered Andre Jenkins and Marvin Wallace. Wallace rushed Mr. Anderson and was shot once. He then shot the intruder three more times. As Wallace stumbled out the victim’s door and collapsed in the yard he sought mercy. Gary Anderson determined the threat was neutralized and called 911.

We’re glad Mr. Anderson is alright.

Indictment of Former School Superintendent and Others

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A scheme planned by former heads of education at Dekalb county, GA schools, intended to “pad construction contracts”, has been uncovered.

Pandemonium at Tachi Palace

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The Tachi Palace, in Lemoore California, displayed some diversity when an all out battle took place on its property.

Pulled Into a Closet and Raped

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This young Negro saw fit to yank someone into a closet and rape them.

‘Look at that white piece of shit.’

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A white man in Richmond, California was beaten with a pipe by three Hispanic men. One of them said at the time of the attack, “Look at that white piece of shit.”

The media, true to form, barely made a peep of this matter. You can find some obscure articles on the attack, but nothing amounting to real coverage.

It is clear that by today’s “standards”, it is truly acceptable to some for a white to be attacked by “minorities.”

Click here for the story.

72-Year-Old Can’t Even Get His Hair Cut Without Getting a Gang Beating: Hate Crime?

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I first saw the story below at the very informative, Council of Conservative Citizens.

I try very hard to limit blogging about the same stories as others, but I take crimes against the elderly seriously, and these dastardly deeds need all the attention they can get. Negroes are feasting on the elderly, and as many people possible need to shed light on this.

A 72-year-old man was attacked by a pack of violent Negroes, while he was leaving a barbershop in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

Thanks to the CoCC for keeping an eye out for us.