Chicago Law Makers Request the National Guard’s Help

“So far this year, 113 people have been killed across Chicago β€” precisely the same number as the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined during the same time period, the legislators noted.”

-Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois lawmakers, John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford have requested the aid of the National Guard to help quell the barbaric third world violence of Chicago.

Do not expect the media to ever mention race as being related to this problem. They will mention guns, but never – will you hear the mention of the specific race of people pulling these triggers.

On April 13th, 2010 I posted a story of the incredible violence of Memphis schools. In this story attorney, Beth Brooks said, ” I’m kinda wondering if we need to call in the National Guard “, regarding the violence in these Negro schools.


4 Responses to “Chicago Law Makers Request the National Guard’s Help”

  1. George Wallace Says:

    Fewer niggers, fewer problems.

  2. NV:
    We have had our share of crime in our city, and I made a point (today) to show how it has been mostly BLACKS causing it…
    One incident took place at the courthouse, during (of all things) a CRIME VICTIM’S VIGIL…!
    No shame, no boundaires…no respect…not much of anything (except taxpayers’ bucks funding their “antics”)
    THAT is what these animals live for, plain and simple.

    But hey, you know me…I’m only a law-abiding white guy “living the adventure” (among such creatures).


  3. Niviusvir,
    This story out of Indianapolis is to much. A diversity and his mudshark jump his ex-mudshark and then unleash their pit bull on her.

    I challenge any negro to show me a similar example of Whites committing such crimes.

    • niviusvir Says:

      I’ll post that one.

      She certainly seems to be another white whore that lacks any self-respect. She laid with and worshiped her Negro master, for that, nature has run its course: her life will now be spent in prison.

      Thanks Bubba.

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