Richard Barrett Murdered

Richard Barett

It’s ironic that Negroes are “stereotyped” for abandoning their children and wives, and the very person put in the White House lives up to that standard. Himself having been abandoned by his father. His white family were left to raise him. Yet people continue to fail at recognizing a very simple pattern of behavior by a specific race.

There were two men who knew these patterns quite well. Richard Barrett and Eugène Terre’Blanche used the gift of stereotyping. They knew the violent nature of the Negro was observable. I’m sure they were aware that statistics point to an aggregation of evidence that Negros have a greatly increased propensity to commit murder.

Their “stereotypes”, unfortunately were proven accurate. Ironically, both men were murdered by Negroes.

The media have become so confident in their ability to wash the brains of whites, that they are brazen enough to have made the stereotypical black i.e. abandoned by his father, the president of our nation.

People are staring this “stereotype” directly in the eye, every time they pick up a newspaper article about Obama winning the Nobel Prize (laughable), and cannot see it.

In early April, Terre’Blanche was hacked to death by two barbaric Negros while he slept.

It is now being reported that Richard Barrett, a White Nationalist lawyer living in Mississippi was stabbed and beaten to death by a group of Negros. His house was set on fire afterward.

Men like Barrett and Terre’Blanche knew the realities of race. Both men had to unfortunately – pay for those realities.

Is anyone catching on yet?

Michael Dent, Vickie Dent

Alfred Lewis

Click here for the full story.


One Response to “Richard Barrett Murdered”

  1. NV:
    Amazing how hardly ANYONE will speak the truth, that being that creatures like this DO indeed have a predisposition TOWARDS violent behavior.
    …and all the drugs & loud-ass music isn’t helping one damn bit.
    (The book THE BELL CURVE speaks facts, though.)

    And we all know, it doesn’t take much to “motivate” them in that violent direction…even if it’s agaisnt their own kind.

    Damn tragic story, and I don’t even subscribe to anything pertaining to Nazism or any form of fascism (sorry, I just believe in white EQUALITY these days)
    Must be gettin’ old…lol.

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