Two Sisters Brutally Murdered

Kristen Evans Kennedy

Jennifer Evans

David Flores

Prosecutors said David Flores, “burned, mutilated or tortured” two Indiana sisters, Kristen Evans Kennedy and Jennifer Evans.

Flores had been free from incarceration for “less than two months” before the butcher, torture and rape of these two young ladies. He was sentenced for rape prior to this in East Chicago.

Cultural diversity is mighty beneficial – just not for the average American.

Click here for the story.


2 Responses to “Two Sisters Brutally Murdered”

  1. Dixieman Says:

    Not for the average WHITE american. Between the feral chimps and the invading mexishits, whites must be more careful to avoid becoming a statistic. For starters, this beaner piece of shit should’ve been castrated and either hanged or deported immediately. I keep waiting for whites to wake up to the reality of our society. I especially keep waiting for white males to wake up and realize that our women are being targeted daily by feral and STD infested animals who think nothing of raping, torturing, and murdering our women. Whether it’s a mexishit like in this story, or a worthless chimp trying to get his “muh dick” on, it has to stop and white males are the only ones who can do it.

  2. Dixieman:
    I hear ‘ya, but in my area, I’m THE REAL “minority”…law-abiding “old white bitch” as the locals would say…LOL
    Funny, I’ve been a MALE for my whole life…must be the drugs, liquor and STDs affecting their “minds” (what few functional cells they have LEFT of it, that is…)

    I can’t even get the POLICE to go after the small shit..(which, as anyone knows DOES lead to the BIG SHIT with crapskins like this), and it’s becasue the officers go from call to call to call. Poor tactics (imho).

    Moving out is not on the plate…simply don’t have the cashola, and OUR house value is dropping faster than a pair of saggy, nigga-filled South Poles…ROFL!

    We need some decent WHITE folks to move in…and chase these apes OUT…period!
    I certainly can’t do it alone…and definitely NOT “legally”, if you catch my drift.


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