Memphis Councilman Proclaims he is ‘King’

Negro Memphis city councilman, Marco McClendon boasted to police officers ” I’m the king of West Memphis.” This, after choking his girlfriend whom he just found out was pregnant. According to the victim, the savage behavior was partially a result of him becoming aware of the pregnancy.

Marco McClendon

His cohort, Negro councilwoman Lorraine Robinson said ” I believe in his innocence.” Tribal loyalty trumps professional neutrality in this case.


5 Responses to “Memphis Councilman Proclaims he is ‘King’”

  1. Have you seen this one, Nivius?,0,3947404.story

    Check out the t-shirt.

    • niviusvir Says:

      No Pete, I haven’t seen that. That is truly a despicable act, by a despicable Negro. It appears to have happened about a month or so ago.

  2. DeAndre gettin him some repirashuns. He aint dispicable. He be robbin hood.

  3. I say we all go meet him and “crown” his majesty…LMAO!


  4. lashunda Says:

    I was just wondering why they havent done anything to the former girlfriend because she lied about being pregant, unless she is actually working with the police. Y charge him wit a felony and she never was pregnant.

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