Man Loses Part of Finger Over iPad

A couple of Negro predators were scanning for victims, when they found Bill Jordan walking out of an Apple store with an iPad in hand. The Negros’ impulsive nature took over. They tried to snatch the bag the device was in. Jordan attempted to hold on to the iPad. The Negro in the direct struggle with Mr. Jordan finally gave a violent tug, and Mr. Jordan lost part of his finger.

Bill Jordan left New Jersey to get away from the violence i.e. diversity, only to run head on into more diversity.

Click here for the full story.

Thank you Bubba for helping keep us informed, by bringing this story to our attention. Also, Pete just mentioned this story as well. Whites must be vigilant regarding the Negro and certain other “minorities.” This is according to statistics – not me. We need an army of Bubbas and Petes.


2 Responses to “Man Loses Part of Finger Over iPad”

  1. Here’s another out of Maryland. A highly regarded White teacher is murdered and his car found miles away. I am confident the race of the perpetrator will be…

    • niviusvir Says:

      Bubba, thanks again. I received a call about this last night. I have been waiting for this one to develop. I have the same strong certainty as you and others, that the violent animals behind this act, were indeed Negros.

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