‘Brutal and Random’ Attack on Father and Son

Update: The 59-year-old victim of this crime, Tian Sheng Yu has died.

The Negros strike again, attacking a man and his son for no reason what so ever. This happened in San Francisco. The man is now on life support.

It is simple to see, through continual objective observation, where you find the Negro – you will find horrific violence.


One Response to “‘Brutal and Random’ Attack on Father and Son”

  1. usmcsniper Says:

    Just had to make that known….”they also didn’t steal anything from them” Like …Oh my god they didn’t ROB them too? These cant be normal black thugs. These are just teens, having some fun, didn’t think they were gonna actually hurt anyone. Look, he was so preppy well dressed, they were just going back to class at the college. Judging by the pic on his sweater he must belong to the same fraternity as prez bush did. “Skull and Bones” Dees just beez innocent keeds. never been n trubel fore.

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