17 Wounded and 7 Dead in Chicago!

I believe many of us are predicting an astonishing year in Negro violence. And The Windy City is well on pace. 17 were shot and 7 killed in the most recent animalistic rampage in Chicago.

Around a week and a half ago, on the 6th, 41 were shot! By Nivius’ count, that puts the total wounded in less than 2 weeks at 58. All I can say is wow!

Here is the most recent report on this third world violence. I have also posted again, the report from just a week and a half ago.

Below is the Chicago carnage from the 6th.


5 Responses to “17 Wounded and 7 Dead in Chicago!”

  1. NV:
    Now if THIS isn’t a good reason to bring our troops out of Iraq and put them on THESE streets, I don’t know WHAT is…!
    Open up a few cans of MARINE whoop-ass on these thugs…period!

  2. Daley seems to be making the argument that we should go to Iraq or Afghanistan to kill each other?! He’s a good actor ‘though, all that righteous indignation. Personally, my stomach turns every time I hear clowns like him, or Feinstein or Shumer, talk guns.

    • niviusvir Says:

      Lowly, I must agree.

      It’s sick, that with all of the egregious behavior and explicit involvement of the Negros in this recent rash of third world violence, they will blame guns, in an effort to carry on their agenda. They are capitalizing on the violence they created, much like Iraq: I’m beginning to notice a pattern. They are truly evil.

  3. The only hope for Chicago is to LIBERALIZE gun ownership, especially concealed carry! McDonald v. Chicago is a U.S. Supreme Court case seeking to overturn Chicago’s useless and harmful “gun ban.” (Works great, huh?) A anti-ban ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court is expected this summer. With luck, Chicagoans can be armed legally AGAINST the thugs as soon as 6 to 12 months after the Supreme Court decision.

    This “no snitching” B.S. is directly responsible for black-on-black murders by the dozens every year, and has to stop!!

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