Terrorists Attack at Mall in Muskogee

Daniel Anderson

Some Negroes in a busy mall in Muskogee, Oklahoma, went on a shooting rampage. Again, people cannot feel safe around Negroes.

Shooting up a packed mall in my opinion, probably warrants mention by the MSM, but as far as I have been able to determine CNN has not touched this. CNN would rather report opinionated rants like “Confederacy: Matter of Pride or Prejudice?” rather than even mention something as (apparently to them) insignificant as a shooting in a busy mall.

MSNBC dedicated one paragraph to the story; it was not on the front page.

The US Marshals and the ATF have been called upon to help: apparently they see the significance of this terrorism.

If the shooter was white, you know the rest.


One Response to “Terrorists Attack at Mall in Muskogee”

  1. George Wallace Says:

    What a piece of shit.

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