FIFA Propaganda

ESPN offended me greatly with this commercial. I feel it is an obvious attempt to perpetuate the created illusion that all whites are evil and Negros are once again, the “victims” that overcame “white cruelty.”

The commercial plays powerful and inspiring music with video of Negroes that appear to be in a camp, watched over and domineered by their white masters. When suddenly the guards allow them time to play soccer, and the heavens open; the Negro has smelled his freedom and salvation – thanks to a soccer ball.

Come to South Africa to spend money on our game and globalist scheme; you too will be free and happy, the white man is also evil: that’s what the commercial connotes.

Most of us are aware of the mind-numbing realities of the behavior of the Negroes in South Africa and the entire continent itself. I think ESPN would have a difficult time promoting their money making globalist event if they were to show photographs of poor, White South Africans being hacked to death and raped by Negroes with IQs lower than a midget doing the limbo.


4 Responses to “FIFA Propaganda”

  1. That’s an example of political pornography, Niv. It’s obscene. Not in terms of sex or violence, but in terms of dishonesty.

    • niviusvir Says:

      Nicholas and George, I agree with both of you.

      It’s disgusting to see such deceit and manipulation.

      For any white to attend this without the luxury of at least a small army of bodyguards would be crazy.

  2. George Wallace Says:

    Whites who attend this event have a serious disconnect with reality.

  3. Soccer fans tend to be non-voting lefties. see It follows that the ad message will be well received.

    That’s US demographics but I would imagine it holds up worldwide fairly well.

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