41 People Shot in Chicago; My God!

The Negroes in Chicago are getting warmed up for this season. People are being “blown away” in The Windy City.


2 Responses to “41 People Shot in Chicago; My God!”

  1. The first warm day of the year is always a treat in that town. When I was younger and drove a shittier car, I used to make a point of driving through a couple of the worst neighborhoods just to watch the action. The apes would literally swarm the streets like a pack of chimps let out of a cage. One of my fondest memories was watching a couple niggers escape after robbing a laundromat and accidentally running over the head of some she-boon’s poodle. I’ll never forget the image of the boon howling in the middle of the street with the leash still around the dog’s neck, it’s head flat as a pancake………

  2. The fix for the problem is easy:

    Send the Negroes to back to Africa.

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