RIP Eugène Terre’Blanche

The Late Eugène Terre'Blanche

It is with a very heavy heart I say Eugène Terre’Blanche was found murdered. He was beaten and hacked to death while he slept. Word is spreading that the assailants were naturally Negroes.

My perception of this fine man, was that he truly cared for his people. He knew the brutality his fellow men, women and children endured and would continue to endure at the hands of the Negroes.

Sadly I knew, somewhere in the recesses of my mind, there was a great chance of him becoming another victim.

To all of our friends in South Africa – I am truly sad and sorry.

An interesting post was made regarding this horrendous act by the Occidental Dissent.

I would also like to thank Reinhard Von Siegfried for providing the link to this post made on Arthur Kemp’s Blog.


3 Responses to “RIP Eugène Terre’Blanche”

  1. R.I.P. Eugene Terreblanche!!

  2. As Christians our natural nature should not be to hate. We should love God’s creation. It is those who doesn’t have God’s love in them that easily hate others and that is why we have racism and hate speech and songs being sung to kill. I am pleading not only to South Africans but to all, all over the world to turn to God. Let God’s love fill our hearts and not hate each other how difficult it may sound, let’s do it! For God’s sake!

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