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Elderly Couple and Teenage Girl Some of the Victims of Bloodthirsty Criminal

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This happened in Louisiana.

Man Accused of Killing 2 Charlotte Police Officers Might Not Face Death Due to Race

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The attorney for a Negro whom police say killed two of their own, has requested that the words: hero, heroes, heroism, murder, murderer, victim and victims, not be used in the trial against his client. He is serious. Also, this scoundrel of a man (the one representing the other scoundrel) has cited under the Racial Justice Act, his client should not have to face execution for the slaughter of two of the city’s protectors.

Police Officer Survives Deadly Situation; I’m Sure His Racial Sensitivity Classes Saved His Life

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Here is another case of a Negro attempting to kill a police officer. This happened in Indianapolis.

Violence in Indianapolis

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There are once again, as in so many Negro cities, more vigils and calls to stop the violence. It truly sounds like a broke record.

Some are predicting the violence on the city streets to explode with it being the first summer with a Negro president in office.

Pit Bull Used as Weapon Against Victim and Rescuers

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Andrew Townsend and Carly Woodward

Carly Woodward and what seems to be her Negro master, Andrew Townsend, used a pit bull to attack a woman. After people came to help the victim, the vicious animal commanded the dog to attack people who were attempting to rescue her. This happened in Indianapolis.

Thanks goes to Bubba for having brought attention to this sadistic story.

Chicago Law Makers Request the National Guard’s Help

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“So far this year, 113 people have been killed across Chicago — precisely the same number as the number of U.S. troops killed in Iraq and Afghanistan combined during the same time period, the legislators noted.”

-Chicago Sun-Times

Illinois lawmakers, John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford have requested the aid of the National Guard to help quell the barbaric third world violence of Chicago.

Do not expect the media to ever mention race as being related to this problem. They will mention guns, but never – will you hear the mention of the specific race of people pulling these triggers.

On April 13th, 2010 I posted a story of the incredible violence of Memphis schools. In this story attorney, Beth Brooks said, ” I’m kinda wondering if we need to call in the National Guard “, regarding the violence in these Negro schools.

Detective Has Head Smashed With Cinder Block and Ran Over

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Another member of law enforcement has been brutally attacked by you know who. A Miami-Dade, plain-clothes detective has been savagely assaulted by a band of Negroes.

Michael Paul Robertson

Michael Paul Robertson SR

Monica Rene Banks

Richard Barrett Murdered

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Richard Barett

It’s ironic that Negroes are “stereotyped” for abandoning their children and wives, and the very person put in the White House lives up to that standard. Himself having been abandoned by his father. His white family were left to raise him. Yet people continue to fail at recognizing a very simple pattern of behavior by a specific race.

There were two men who knew these patterns quite well. Richard Barrett and Eugène Terre’Blanche used the gift of stereotyping. They knew the violent nature of the Negro was observable. I’m sure they were aware that statistics point to an aggregation of evidence that Negros have a greatly increased propensity to commit murder.

Their “stereotypes”, unfortunately were proven accurate. Ironically, both men were murdered by Negroes.

The media have become so confident in their ability to wash the brains of whites, that they are brazen enough to have made the stereotypical black i.e. abandoned by his father, the president of our nation.

People are staring this “stereotype” directly in the eye, every time they pick up a newspaper article about Obama winning the Nobel Prize (laughable), and cannot see it.

In early April, Terre’Blanche was hacked to death by two barbaric Negros while he slept.

It is now being reported that Richard Barrett, a White Nationalist lawyer living in Mississippi was stabbed and beaten to death by a group of Negros. His house was set on fire afterward.

Men like Barrett and Terre’Blanche knew the realities of race. Both men had to unfortunately – pay for those realities.

Is anyone catching on yet?

Michael Dent, Vickie Dent

Alfred Lewis

Click here for the full story.

Two Sisters Brutally Murdered

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Kristen Evans Kennedy

Jennifer Evans

David Flores

Prosecutors said David Flores, “burned, mutilated or tortured” two Indiana sisters, Kristen Evans Kennedy and Jennifer Evans.

Flores had been free from incarceration for “less than two months” before the butcher, torture and rape of these two young ladies. He was sentenced for rape prior to this in East Chicago.

Cultural diversity is mighty beneficial – just not for the average American.

Click here for the story.

Women Beaten With Aluminum Bat

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Stacey Jurich and Natasha McShane

The robber was black; 27 to 34; 5-foot-7 to 5-foot-9; and wore a tan or light colored hooded sweatshirt, police said.”
Chicago Sun-Times