University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Student Goes Berserk

This female Negro student was livid, at seemingly everyone within earshot of her. After telling the authorities they were going to have to carry her out – they did just that.


3 Responses to “University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Student Goes Berserk”

  1. NV:
    I just saw this “girl-rilla” sheboon on FOX news…
    Yeah, and I supposed THIS is the type of “education” we can expect from the Obamessiah when he “works his magic” just like he’s doing with our economy…and health care.

    This is another case of forced confrontationalism on the part of the negro lowlifes in this country.
    Sad thing is, NO 3rd world nation would take ’em, either.
    It’s like this is high schools and middle schools across this nation, too.
    Not fair to deprive OTHERS of a decent education because of one gravy-train freeloader.
    “Ah’m gon git mah Obama-money….from his “stash”.
    (and our pockets…NOT)

    Welcome to a possible future.

    Good video.

  2. We should feel lucky that today she is not the instructor.

  3. Whites have demonstrated an extraordinary benevolence and tolerance towards less productive races for decades, we have transgressed the law of natural selection by not only supporting inferior life-forms, but actually encouraging their propagation.

    I blame the whites for indulging the Negro allowing them to be irresponsible, accepting their obvious inadequacies pretending that the Negro is no different than a white; is not only incongruous, but harmful to both races.

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