Citizens Terrorized by Wild Hordes

In a collective effort, hundreds some have even estimated thousands of unruly Negroes have taken to the streets in all out rampages. These rampages are being referred to a “flash mobs.”

It is my opinion that through the game of semantics, the term “flash” is being used to mitigate the severity of these societal nightmares. This connotes that it is quick, small and relatively painless, just merely a blip on the radar screen. You be the judge.

Listen to the response of the racist mayor, Michael Nutter. He claims, “not a whole lot happened.” No, of course not! Businesses, their patrons and innocent white civilians were attacked, not by a few “bad apples”, rather hundreds or perhaps thousands of Negroes with an apparent collective ideology and goal – to terrorize.


5 Responses to “Citizens Terrorized by Wild Hordes”

  1. Dixieman Says:

    I would tell you that I’m surprised that I didn’t see this on the mainstream news, but of course, I would be lying. Can’t show the feral negro in his true light. If a group of two whites had done this, Nancy Grace and that dyke troll Jane Velez Mitchell would be yapping about it for two months. As more of this behavior continues, at some point there will be a backlash as one of the unruly mobs will pick the wrong people to terrorize. When that happens, expect for the mainstream media to start harping on those “white racist who were armed”. Thanks for posting this Nivius, as more of these stories need to be presented and discussed so we might wake up those who still are in denial.

  2. NV:
    Ah, yes…more TNB in Philly…
    Didn’t USED to be this way…

    I’m WAITING for the day when these apes DO pick the “wrong crowd”…and “get served” a dish of dirt-nap!
    …ANd I’ll be cheerin’ ’em on for more!
    (now, if ONLY my city would let me perform some “urban renewal”…heh, heh, heh)


  3. usmcsniper Says:

    NIv, Where’s our Big Brother nigger government president now? this is HOMEGROWN TERRORISM. The patriot act covers all this BS. Why aren’t these nigs being treated to a taste of Guantanamo ? They are terrorizing people and businesses. If the US GOV don’t step in I’m sure some folks driving Monster trucks sure could have a hayday tarring some roads. 4 tons of fun putting these motherfuckers back in their place. Not that I would ever do such a thing. Just saying.

    • niviusvir Says:

      You make a good point USMC.

      Our “leader” is nowhere to be found in matters relating to black on white hate. I’m fairly certain we both know where his tribal loyalties lie – not with the race of people that raised him (whites) after his Negro father planted his seed and left the foolish white woman.


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