Murder in Monroe

I am noticing a strong pattern with young white ladies that enjoy the company of Negros.

Look at the pictures of the three people below, and use your powers of stereotyping to conclude what the relationship between these three was like, and what the end result was.

This happened in Monroe, North Carolina.

Lacey Carnes

Damien Thompson

Damien Allen

MONROE, NC (WBTV) – ” Police arrested and charged three people on Thursday in connection with a year old homicide case.

Michael Richardson was shot and killed at 714 English Street on March 25, 2009.

Monroe police have charged, Damien Lamont Allen, 31, with first degree murder. He was already in jail for on unrelated charges without bond.

An arrest warrant has been issued for Damien Farod Thompson, 36, for first degree murder. He is currently being held in the Mecklenburg County jail and will be transferred to Union County.

Lacey Cathleen Carnes, 20, was charged with accessory after the fact and is being held in the Union County Jail under a $5,000 bond.

Police are still searching for a motive in the murder. Investigators say there was an altercation involving the victim and at least one of the suspects.

The investigation is ongoing.”

– 3 WBTV Charlotte


3 Responses to “Murder in Monroe”

  1. Let’s see, my Handbook on White Girls Who Love Black Murderers says,

    “The white girl will roputinely lie to the police about the whereabouts of her felonious black boyfriend, and stash weapons that he used in his crimes, and the proceeds therefrom.”

    However, while the Damiens look like straight-from-the-factory black sociopaths, I must say that Lacey Carnes does not look like the sample white girl photos in the Handbook.

  2. Lacey Carnes Says:

    This is Lacey Carnes. “white girls who love black murderers” really. This world is coming to an end… I have no clue who Damien Allen is. I know that Damien Thompson was at my house that day and that is simply all that I said. I am in nursing school and have a bright future ahead of me with my two year old son. So please if you know nothing about this please keep your comments to yourself.

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