“Reflections on the 2010 AR Conference”

Jared Taylor, of American Renaissance, was kind enough to allow me to post his article, “Reflections on the 2010 AR Conference.”

The article details the events that surrounded this year’s American Renaissance Conference. The hotels that agreed to host the conference had the lives of their employees threatened, and were constantly harassed. A few of the hotels reneged on their agreements with American Renaissance, due to this terroristic behavior.

VDARE has also, done some fine work bringing attention to this egregious and frightening act of oppression.

I would like to add that I carelessly forgot to mention that Nicholas Stix was on this story immediately. That is where I actually recall having first read about this. His hard work and immediate attention to this subject preceded even that of VDARE.

A page to the right has been dedicated to this great injustice, titled “Jared Taylor’s ‘Reflections on the 2010 AR Conference’ .”


3 Responses to ““Reflections on the 2010 AR Conference””

  1. To my knowledge, Niv, I wrote the first article about the terrorists’ shutdown of the AMREN Conference, at least 14 hours before the first VDARE article appeared.


  2. niviusvir Says:

    Nicholas, I do humbly apologize for having not mentioned your efforts. They are now, duly noted and acknowledged in the latest post.

    I now recall, your site is where I first read of this.

    Thank you for your work,

  3. No apology necessary, Niv. You’d seen the mistake in print, it was weeks later at that point, and it’s hard to keep all this stuff straight, while your brain is being daily flooded with new data (atrocities).

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