Bill James Speaks Some Honesty

Bill James

Bill James, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina Commissioner has angered some people by commenting on the absurd numbers of Negros with sexually transmitted diseases. Mr. James, like most honest people, has observed there is a problem with them as a race concerning STDs, along with other things.

Thank you Mr. James, for your honesty and courage.

“Recently, James said the high level of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among the African-American population is because ‘…blacks are being more promiscuous than other races.’ ”
-3 WBTV, Charlotte

Click here for the full story.


One Response to “Bill James Speaks Some Honesty”

  1. NV:
    Bill James MUST have touched a nerve, because if there’s ONE THING about these “people” I found out…it’s that they really HATE the TRUTH (and a lot of whites who happen to notice it, AND have the courage to speak it).

    Good post.

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