Women and Children Slaughtered in Milwaukee

Rachel Thompson

Desmond Laster

A woman and her mulatto children were murdered by two Negros, Desmond Laster, Anthony Edward Barnes, and aided by what appears to have been another white woman with a great affinity for the Negro as well. The victim’s name was Rachel Thompson. This murder happened in Milwaukee.

Brittney Robertson

The white woman that helped her black gods commit this heinous act, Brittney Robertson, paid dearly for believing they were criminal comrades: the Negroes executed her after she helped them commit the violent murders. The news reports that Laster and Barnes claim they did not want witnesses. Although, they didn’t mind the fact that they both witnessed it. It was simply another “expendable” white woman in their eyes, not to say she did not make her own bed. We know this story already; it’s been played out umpteen times.

Notice in both separate reports, blacks are reporting this story. It’s interesting to watch the media’s effort to use balance to continue to blur the perception of people and the reality of the racial situation in this country. The appearance of a “nice” Negro reporting to you from your “trusted” news source, will mitigate the the severity of the emotions some whites might feel while watching the black on white violence being reported.

There will come a day when their shaky house of cards – topples.

Click here for the CRIMINAL COMPLAINT.

Click here for the full story.


2 Responses to “Women and Children Slaughtered in Milwaukee”

  1. Dixieman Says:

    This story should be required reading for every young white girl in this country. When the inner chimp comes out of the buck, mudsharks beware of the violent mayhem that will follow. How any white girl could lay with a feral beast is beyond me…….

  2. Those two women were dead to us anyway, though the black animals emphatically made that status quite permanent. I pray that you are correct that whites will one day cast off these scales they hold tight over their eyes.

    If not I can see the last white man on Earth exclaiming “I’m not a racist! I’m not a racist!” as the savage horde rips him to shreds.

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