Jackson State Researcher, Shot

Andrea Scott

Randall Mason

Thanks to WhiteIGNITERS for bringing attention to this story. He or she is another responsible white, keeping an eye out for the benefit of our race.

A white woman, Andrea Scott, a Jackson State (Mississippi) researcher was shot by a Negro.

One news station, rather than focusing on the ridiculous epidemic of Negro violence, focused on making a hero out of the Negro that called 911.

Click here for the full story.

Also, “White Man Spent 16 Years in Prison for Black Man’s Crime” has been added to the pages to the right.


3 Responses to “Jackson State Researcher, Shot”

  1. NV:
    It’s always like this…
    The REAL probelm is as plain as the nose on their stupid-ass faces, and yet, they (the media or city “leaders”) almost all the time side-step it, in favor of some BS “positive spin” on an otherwise tragic story.
    Time to call a spade a spade…and to “get real” with reporting.

    It’s costing us more than we know.

  2. usmcsniper Says:

    That’s attempted murder. Premeditated. Not what those other charges are. These are not teens or Negroes. Once they cross that line, they become NIGGERS and THUGS. Don’t matter what color or race they are. Two shots execution style, right behind the ear. Just like they did to her. Justice. Eye for an eye.

  3. I see 3 niggers approaching me I go into self defence, offense mode with extreme prejudice.
    Niggers understand violence, force, intimadation…..let your guard down for one second, and…..three bullets in the back of your head.
    Personal segregation and complete avoidance of all savages is the key to a comfortable and safe life ……including race traitors, beta fag males, and indoctrinated with massive life debt college do gooding dumb shits.
    Basically be a man and see to it you and your loved ones are protected, safe, while relying on YOUR intellect, common sense and intuition.
    The debate is over, long over for these free loading, welfare chimps that fill our prisons and destroy public and provate property

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