More “Clever” Marketing

There are some interesting events in this commercial. While watching this bit of “marketing” for the first time, I noticed the introduction of the blonde haired woman at 0:12. Upon noticing her, my next thought was, where is the Negro male? And almost immediately, after she makes the sexual insinuation about keeping “your balls clean”, she stares directly at a Negro. I thought, alright, just as I suspected. After that, at 0:47 she says, “Why don’t we start with these small balls.” At this point in time the camera pans to a blonde haired man in the audience. Later, a Negro stands up and says to the blonde haired woman, “What about my ball sack?” She says “Just plop it right here and let’s get to work!” He throws a bag of soccer balls down to her, she then says, “That’s a big ball sack!”

There is certainly a game being played with marketing, media and entertainment – a game that will prove greatly detrimental to the white race, if not recognized for what it is.


One Response to “More “Clever” Marketing”

  1. NV:
    This crap is SO easy to spot (like a nigger that’s saggin’), I don’t even bother to watch it…why give ANY of these “advertisers” the time of day by viewing simian antics like these?

    Better to report their ass to the FCC for “potentially LEWD content that could be viewed by minors”.

    THAT ought to straighten their tie.


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