Marine and Kent State (Ohio) Student Beaten to Death

John White

This is the second white student beaten to death at Kent State recently, by a Negro. Kent State is located in Ohio.

John Ragin

Click here for the full story.

Christopher Kernich Murder

Christopher Kernich

Adrian Barker and Ronald Kelly

This white flunky, Glen P. Jefferson was charged with obstructing justice in this case. He belongs behind bars too.

Christopher Kernich was also a victim of Negro violence at Kent State. Click here for this story.


One Response to “Marine and Kent State (Ohio) Student Beaten to Death”

  1. NV:
    Oh, it’s a RACE CRIME, all right, but you won’t hear it mentioend as such…he “was only white”.

    I think some devil dogs need to visit that university and “persuade” these thugs (by whatever means strikes their fancy) that what these apes did wasn’t well received BY the USMC!
    Time for some ass-whuppin’, MARINE-style!

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