5-Year-Old Trained to Steal

” INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A place where most kids love to play games and eat pizza was the scene of a crime, apparently committed by a child, earlier this week.

Surveillance video points the finger at a little girl and the adults who appear to have told her what to do.

Sean Harrington celebrated his 7th birthday last Sunday at home.

Sean and his family continued the celebration later that afternoon at the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant at 82nd Street and Allisonville Road.

According to Sean’s mother Mandie Harrington, it was like any other afternoon at the restaurant; lots of kids, lots of grown-ups, lots of movement.

‘People get up, get down; I walked off,” Mandie said. “There were still grown ups at the table when I left, but somebody chased somebody, and next thing I know, I came back and my purse wasn’t there.’

Harrington then went to the manager and asked if the restaurant had surveillance cameras. The manager told her the restaurant did and the video showed exactly what happened to Mandie’s purse.

“Very disturbing behavior on the adult to have her little 5-year-old involved in basically a purse-snatching scam,” said Lt. Jeff Duhamell of the Indianapolis Metro Police Department.

Here’s what the surveillance cameras show:

A woman in a red top had two little girls with her.

She appears to direct the older girl, also wearing a reddish top, to snatch the purse from Harrington’s booth.

Another camera shows the little girl bringing the purse to a man sitting in another part of the restaurant.

And yet another camera shows the man getting ready to leave the restaurant with the two little girls.

Police are still trying to retrieve the images that show the woman leaving.

‘Obviously, nobody wants their purse stolen, but the fact that they used a little girl and are teaching the little girl that it’s okay to just take somebody’s stuff — that’s much more offensive to me,’ said Mandie Harrington.”

– 8 Indianapolis

Click here for the full story with video.


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