Police Officer Shot; How Many Times Have You Seen That Headline Here?

It sounds like a broke record to say this but, another police officer has been shot by a couple of Negroes. This happened in Houston, Texas.

Click here for this story.


4 Responses to “Police Officer Shot; How Many Times Have You Seen That Headline Here?”

  1. NV:
    The police across the nation need to kick it up a few notches and take back OUR streets.

    You can’t use politics to make these savages halt their behavior.
    They don’t respect themselves, let alone any form of LAW-ENFORCEMENT.

    Time for a good old “wood shampoo”.

    It’s high time to get a lot more PROACTIVE with policing and less REACTIVE.

    But hey, that’s just *my* opinion from the hood I happen to live in. It changed around me, unfortunately, and it’s a daily struggle to NOT practice MY form of “urban renewal”.

    Good video.

  2. The rising tide of negro population will make this kind of thing only more and more common.

    Years ago, white people would indeed act proactively and would have sent a punishment detail down into the hood to remind the negroes not to attack white people.

    The police cannot stop this. In fact, when seconds count…the police are only minutes away. Police have no duty to protect you. They are merely there to document crimes.

    You, as an individual are responsible for protecting yourself.

    As more and more white people are attacked and victimized by muds, perhaps they will organize and meet the threat.

  3. I agree, Pat…
    YOU are always your FIRST, BEST defense!
    (thanks for reminding me)

  4. Bob, you stole my thunder. Be advised you are not alone in the ability or will to perform the community service you are currently holding back from. When the economy finally tanks and/or other crises arise and the big chimpout comes, Africanus Americus will be extinct in short order. If they want to avoid this, Africa beckons!

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