Elderly Man Beat to Death – For Ten Dollars!

Time after time, it does not seem to end, a Negro or group of Negroes are beating someone to death, so often it is a victim or victims that never stood a chance. That is the case with this unfortunate 62-year-old.

Was it really ten dollars that cost him his life, or just simply the misfortune of crossing paths with these two beasts?

Click here for the full story.


2 Responses to “Elderly Man Beat to Death – For Ten Dollars!”

  1. Please look again at the video of the elderly WHITE MAN making his way across the parking lot. Watch his labored gait. What sort of physical condition do you think he was in? How do you think his health was? Now what if that was YOUR father or grandfather?

    Those negroes attacked that man because he was WHITE.

    These kinds of attacks cannot go unanswered. Negroes have very simple brains and do not respond to reasoning. Only force.

  2. Old peoole need to start carrying canes with swords in them.

    Niggers attacked this man because he had a gait. They will only attack when they can be assured a easy victory. It used to be called an uppidty nigger.

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