79-Year-Old Woman, Beat, Raped and Set on Fire, Faces the “Man” She Says Did it

Daniel Deshawn Neal

A severe beating, rape and an elderly woman being set on fire, what might one deduce from these circumstances? Yes, a Negro was indeed said to be the evil being that carried this out.

He asked her to use the bathroom. And much to her misfortune, she allowed him. She was as mentioned, raped, beat and set on fire with rubbing alcohol.

Just look at how the accused, Daniel Deshawn Neal sits at the defense table, as if he is in a serious hurry to get this “bothersome” trial over with, while a nearly 80-year-old woman is crying, reliving the nightmarish ordeal she endured at the hands of this savage. As if raping and beating her was not enough, he had to set her on fire. I have seen countless attacks like this, like many of you have also.

People must see this for what it is: raw savagery. The Negro continues to feast on the elderly. Stay tuned, there will certainly be much more to come.

Click here for the full story.


7 Responses to “79-Year-Old Woman, Beat, Raped and Set on Fire, Faces the “Man” She Says Did it”

  1. usmcsniper Says:

    oh yea , we need the dna. 1 in a trillion, huh ? we couldnt convict this poor uneducated blackman accidentally. Like the least little bit of doubt would set him free cause he be the poor innocent negro unjustly and falsely accused and we know how they all look alike to whitey. It just shows how da nigger simians still prefer an 80 year old wrinkled up white woman to a young female nigress. Sad state of affairs.

  2. Note how the jewsmedia producer almost always chooses to place a negro “reporter” on cases like this. That way the casual observer gets to see a negro looking on with feigned “horror” at the depraved negro on white crime – instead of having a white reporter handle it…and perhaps appear to be “racist”.

    The jewsmedia is a cancer.

  3. Hey Niv,
    I have been booted off of youtube for hate speech for 2 weeks. Can you post a little note on my site…..again.
    Thanks …..

  4. This is probably one of the best examples of saving taxpayer dollars by utilizing a short rope and a tall tree. As bad as I hate to admit it, I’m to the point that I no longer feel shock by the crimes committed by the feral negro. A truly sad state of what our society has become. Naturally, this story never made it to the mainstream media.

  5. Yes, this beast might better appreciate the feelings of men if a noose was made ready around that neck.

  6. A damn shame he didn’t attempt to swipe an officer’s sidearm and shoot HIMSELF dead…now that would be a lot more entertaining.

    These beasts need to be put the hell DOWN!

  7. You know the setting on fire part is being overlooked.

    He was thinking about eating her, reminds me of the account of early explorers in Africa coming upon a village in the Congo.
    They arrived when a buck had been refused sex with his momma, he beat her to death and was eating her.
    As the welfare economy starts imploding expect the Africanus Americanus to revert back to his culture.
    The children, the elderly, and the weak will be first.
    Getting high, getting laid and having a full belly in only a way that a nigger could come up with.

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