Posing as Police Officers

This is certainly not the first time I’ve seen this tactic used by the Negros. This happened in Louisiana.


3 Responses to “Posing as Police Officers”

  1. NV:
    ANother disturbing “trend” I’m seeing (and hearing about) in Indiana, is the purchase of “ex-police” cars by BLACKS.
    And we’re NOT talking about any of the GOOD ones!

    They look EXACTLY like unmarked cruisers, and even still have the spotlights on the *A* pillars.
    And of course, they also have the thumping stereos in the damn trunk.

    Talk about being “intimidating”…Be a good way to get over on rival gangs, too…or get robbed by being “pulled over” by one of these cars.

    Like to see our PD confiscate every one of these cars.

  2. Twere me they would have run or have been posing as chalk templates on the blacktop

    They do the same thing here Bob, they even use sportscars! Mo joke. It’s VERY disturbing. If you suspect foul play, demand either a marked squad car on the scene, or drive to a police station while you call 911.

    Especially~ if you are a female reading this, be careful!

  3. Clarification: My sportscars comment was about the State Patrol, they use just about anything these days as unmarked patrol units, so you have no idea if they are legit or not

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