STDs Are Apparently Racist


3 Responses to “STDs Are Apparently Racist”

  1. bwaaa half of teenapers .

  2. NV:
    SO how DO you speak to a monkey, anyway?
    Guess “Uncle” Jamarckus might want to STOP “playin’ docta” wif that baby mama’s niglets dat he’s be shackin’ wif DIS month.

    NAH….they gots to do it.
    Remember…the LOUDER the car, and the MORE niglets produced, (wif diseases) the lesser the amount of manhood the playa has.

    “He jus gots to pruv somfin to evaone”
    I say prove to ME that you can dodge my bullet…LOL


  3. This information should be posted in every school and university as a warning to mudsharks everywhere. Another excellent reason for white girls to stay away from the feral mudbeasts.

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