“A Historically Hard to Count Population”


2 Responses to ““A Historically Hard to Count Population””

  1. NV:
    These bucks don’t really LIVE anywhere…
    (at least not in Ft Wayne)
    They just crib with their “whore of the month”, drop some seed, and move the hell on (after smacking her around a bit)…
    Maybe, if they REALLY want to track these creatures…do what they do with the DEER population…

    Tranq ’em, tag ’em, and then later in the year, have a HUNTING season to thin out the herd.

    Sounds like a “win-win” all the way around.
    AND…we get a more accurate census!

    What’s there NOT to like, eh?


  2. Only 3 out of 5 need respond going by the Constitution.

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