“Gang Initiation” i.e. Excuse to Beat a White Senseless


8 Responses to ““Gang Initiation” i.e. Excuse to Beat a White Senseless”

  1. NV:
    Man, I’m damn glad there isn’t ANY “reverse-racism” being demonstrated HERE, right?

    Here’s another example of this simian behavior:

    Amazing that nobody wants to even address this problem, let alone offer a definitive SOLUTION to it.
    (like lots of very leaky Nigeria-bound ships?)

    I’m just sayin’

  2. More proof that blacks don’t need to be in the same school with whites. The blacks need to be caged like the animal’s they are, let them kill each other off as we cheer them on, there behavior is disgusting….

  3. To be honest with you, I don’t know which pisses me off more, the apathetic white parent who expects the school to sort this out, the white kid who just turned around and took the beating, or the other white kids just standing around and watching five to six niggers beat on one white kid. If this shit had happened when I was that age, the white person would’ve been fighting back, there would’ve been no white kids standing around, they would have jumped in and assisted, and the parents would be expecting for hell to be raised if their kid had been jumped by so many savages. Of course, you won’t see this video on any of the network news programs, as you can’t have the feral beasts portrayed in a real manner. If the future of the white race depends on this generation of “lay down” sissies, then we are surely doomed.

  4. Dixieman, it would have been all out war where I grew up ,too.

    This goes to show the power of persuasion, of the media and entertainment industry. In many cases, not all, we are witnessing just how truly effective brainwashing is: a kid will get his brains beat out, and feel bad about hitting the Negro responsible for attacking him, or her.

    Like a victim of psychological abuse, after being told they are bad so often, they begin to believe it. Whites have been psychologically disarmed, and some are trying to disarm us physically as well.

  5. Drudge has this link, the article contains no reference to the race of the teenage perps:

    Philadelphia Pizza Deliverymen being attacked, robbed, shot

    • niviusvir Says:

      Prime, I believe the power of stereotyping can be an effective tool. I’m going to have to say, if I had to bet, that was certainly a Negro that killed the pizza delivery man. I know, I’m really “going out on a limb.”

  6. Maybe things would be different for dad, if when he went to work every day, the same happened to him.

    The black on white violence thing is certainly true, but as we all know, society is beyond dumb and blind to this.

    Maybe claiming frivolous disregard of this young, minority white student’s civil rights could be tool a sympathetic lawyer could use to rip out some justice.

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