Atlanta Street Terrorism

Here is another mob of Negroes, swarming and destroying the business that lies between them and what they desire to steal.

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2 Responses to “Atlanta Street Terrorism”

  1. more violent TNB, which is business as usual for Atlanta and most other large cities down south. A fitting punishment would be some tall trees and some short ropes to make an example of punishment for stealing and mayhem that these feral savages caused. And to think that when I was a little boy, we never even locked the house. Now I keep a 40 caliber S&W beside the bed, a 45 Glock in my vehicle, and a Mossberg 12 guage pistol grip in the kitchen. It is a shame what has happened to our once great country…….

  2. I hear ‘ya Dixieman…
    I lived in Philly for 45 years…never had a NEED for a gun, although I went to a gun club a lot.
    And I’ve been to other countries…never had a personal firearm there either.
    But here, where I live now (Ft. Wayne, IN), and with my neighborhood going to hell faster than you can shake a stick at, I’ve got “what I need” to take care of business.
    But we can’t (and should NOT have to) really move…THIS house is free and clear, and we don’t want to go hip-deep in hock to get away from these apes…
    I just want to meke THEM go away…on a more permanent basis.
    And if a few more people would grow some balls in our city leadership, it could get done.

    This isn’t the AMERICA I grew up in…but it still CAN be once again.
    Maybe “we” need to start doing some “taking” for a change.
    Wouldn’t hurt, would it?
    We could call it URBAN RENEWAL…the RIGHT way.


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