No Negro Dialect – Unless He Wants to Have One

Nivius endorses neither political party.


3 Responses to “No Negro Dialect – Unless He Wants to Have One”

  1. George Wallace Says:

    God dam commie.

  2. Obongo is a half white half nigger that can coherently read a teleprompter.
    In interviews his groid dna comes thru loud and clear with aht ahhhs ammm, ahhh ummm. Which is why the interviewers are givin preselected questions.
    His wife was pulled off the election trail, because off her ooking and ekeing about the debil white people Given a shower, a thousand dollar hair cut, designer clothes,lesson how to ape human dignity, and no interviews.

    It is just a media show, of a coke head down low, comunity orginser, nigger.

  3. NV:
    Goes to show you can take the (insert highly descriptive but liberal-viewed racist word here) out of “da hood”, but you can’t take “da hood” out of the (insert above same word here).

    ** I only did that in case some uber-liberal-fascist group in the government is “watching” (and they probably are, knowing THEM)

    negro-dialect = LAZY ENGLISH
    (and that’s the TRUTH)


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