Cultural Diversity is Sweeping the Globe

Just look at the benefits a nation gains from a third world inundation.


4 Responses to “Cultural Diversity is Sweeping the Globe”

  1. goggle any western nation and the word riot and it is the same iverywhere.

    The niggers want more free shit and our being incited by zion funded groups to attack us and weaken us. This is the enemy within the gate. When and if our fiat dollars start collapsing have a look at what happened in Zimbabwe to know what is going to happen to your nation.
    Keep an eye on metal prices in Febuary, contracts are due in March. If dirt on our so called leaders starts to get released, it is to cause the sheeps to start rioting and turn on our leaders which then will be the need for Marshal Law.

    Good posts Niv.

  2. It is white’s who will finally need to fight for a homeland.
    Not sure how soon, but it will be a thing of necessity.
    It will not be a “one hand tied behind the back ” battle.
    Blacks and other third worlders overlook that it is mainly governments of countries now protecting them.
    Many governments are on track to collapse economically and structurally while attempting to absorb the third world.
    White’s would then be freed from their security net of
    country, and find themselves once again willing to battle for and keep selfishly, what is their share of this earth.

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