Wife and Mother-in-Law Stabbed to Death

Albert James Turner

Keitha Turner, Betty Jo Frank

A former Texas, prison guard, is being sought in the murder of his wife and mother-in-law. Albert James Turner stabbed his wife, Keitha Turner and her mother, Betty Jo Frank, to death.

You will not find a report on these murders that include pictures of both, the killer and the victims. If that were to occur, people might begin to put the pieces together. They would conclude that, yet again, another Negro has butchered more whites. So, allow Nivius to put the two pieces of this rather simple puzzle together.


9 Responses to “Wife and Mother-in-Law Stabbed to Death”

  1. NV:
    I think what NEEDS to be done is exactly what you are doing…we just need to amplify it times 1,000!

    Get the REAL NEWS out there, and KEEP it in front of everyone’s face…
    There IS more black-on-white crime than white-on-black.

    Truth is truth…and this story proves it.

    • niviusvir Says:

      Thanks Bob. I am trying to do my little part. We need to work together for the sake of our people. Every other race is permitted to look out for its own.

  2. I know the family personally and what you are writing here is not what they were about. It isn’t right that you are using them as poster children to spread your hate. I would ask that you would reconsider this post and what these people stood for. They died horribly and out of respect for them I would ask that you not use their names as an excuse or platform to advance your views. Betty Jo died telling this man that Jesus loved him-this post is not what she or Keitha would have wanted. Please take it down.

    • niviusvir Says:

      You should be ashamed of yourself, criticizing people for telling the truth about the absurdly disproportionate crime and violence statistics that come from the Negro and other minority communities. You are like so many others, you criticize those that you feel you can, but dare not raise a voice to the Negros or other minorities.

      Jesus might not be as polite as me.

      • You are goin about this the wrong way. I myself am black, and i would never do such a thing. There are plenty of crimes of black against white, white against black, and so-forth. In those cases, it is the individuals who are at fault, and not the entire race….just because a black guy murders some white folks, does not mean he is prejudiced against whites. He may have just not liked them, for more reasons than i may be able to answer. The point is….you cannot blame a race, for the mistakes of a few…..in EVERY race, there is a murderer, a crime doer, a rapist, and so forth.

      • niviusvir Says:


  3. I knew this family in my childhood, when they lived in our small town. I don’t suppose we can “choose” whom we fall in love with (gag)…but it is beyond me what the attraction here could have been.

    Instead of Betty Jo using her last moments preaching to this ape that Jesus loved him…she should have been RELOADING!

  4. “You are like so many others, you criticize those that you feel you can..” what insight, based on no facts and a scintilla of observation (and that’s being generous). This really has nothing to do with whether or not I agree with your views. You can say whatever you want. I only asked you to do the decent thing in this situation and remove the post. I think it’s sad that you won’t respect that these people had a differing belief system and would not have wanted to be associated with your views or used in this manner.

    We live in a wonderful country that allows us many freedoms, among which is the right to free speech. What so many people don’t consider is the responsibility that comes with that. You have every right to behave the way you are and to continue to do what you’re doing here and I would defend that right with every fiber of my being, even though I think what you are doing is unproductive and even destructive.
    So by all means continue with what you doing, but show some respect and maturity and do the right thing.

    This is the last time I will post, since I really don’t think you are going to to remove the post and I don’t see the point in hurling inaccurate insults at someone I don’t know. I just didn’t want their friends, family members, or even the children coming across this site. They have been through enough without seeing this. It’s your decision.

    • niviusvir Says:

      What I talk about is based on fact; the Department of Justice has ample evidence in their criminal statistics.

      You said, “I think what you are doing is unproductive and even destructive.”

      Again, you’re swallowing a camel and gagging on a gnat. Negroes are driving through cities, including the nation’s capital, with AK-47s slaughtering people, and I’m “destructive.” Ahaha. You do not have the courage to address the racial issue.

      “We live in a wonderful country that allows us many freedoms, among which is the right to free speech.”

      I’ll have my free speech.

      Race is painfully real. I do not care how much people continue to try to muzzle others about it, it will remain. I cannot ignore reality.

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