Another Elderly Wal-Mart Greeter Takes a Pounding

It seems it is becoming a trend for Negros to attack elderly Wal-Mart greeters; this is the third story we’ve blogged about at The Cave.

This sneaking piece piece of garbage was caught stealing, as he was leaving the Palm Bay, Florida Wal-Mart. As an attentive and not easily deceived, elderly employee of the store attempted to stop this young Negro, he became wild and attacked the greeter.


One Response to “Another Elderly Wal-Mart Greeter Takes a Pounding”

  1. Well, as ANY zookeeper will tell you…
    NEVER attempt to grab a wild animal without tranquilizing it first.
    They tend to get “uppity”…

    Perhaps that’s one way this nation could recoup it’s financial losses:
    Put all these “wild animals” in a zoo-like setting, charge admission and let us toss peanuts at these things.
    I’d pay to see Jerkmarcus swing from one vine to another while tossing crap at his cagemates…LOL

    Nah…that would take away from the REAL zoos, and that WOULD be a crime against the 4-footed animals.

    Nice idea, though.

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