No Christmas for Salvation Army Major, Philip Wise

The Salvation Army has done quite a bit for people that do not have much.

Philip Wise, 43-years-old, was a major in this organization. As he was entering the Salvation Army building with his 4, 6 and 8-year-old children, on the eve of Christmas, two Negros saw fit to execute this man.


One Response to “No Christmas for Salvation Army Major, Philip Wise”

  1. It is well known that a feral beast will bite the hand that feeds them and the Salvation Army with good intentions has been feeding and clothing them for many year’s. If they were really in need all they would have to do is ask and i am sure he would have found a way to get it for them because that was the line of work he was in. The nigger can’t reason or think with out violence and being the coward’s they are by nature they shoot a unarmed harmless man in front of his children for the sole reason because he was white . These dawg’s should be head shot…….

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