Serial Killer Spared Death: He “Only” Raped and Killed 11

Andre Crawford

Andre Crawford was spared the death penalty by a Chicago jury of twelve, while on trial for the rape and murder of eleven. God only knows how many victims he is truly responsible for.

Even the Negro family members of the victims, were disgusted by this decision! One said, ” I want him dead.”

“Ten jurors voted for the death penalty, but two held out.”

For the sake of curiosity, I wonder what race the two that held out were.


3 Responses to “Serial Killer Spared Death: He “Only” Raped and Killed 11”

  1. Why are they calling him a serial killer? Only white males get that label.

  2. They’re calling him a serial killer BECAUSE HE’S A SERIAL KILLER.

  3. Loveable black people cannot be serial killers. Have you not watched Dr Phil or Orca. They are products of there enviroment, and need love and compassion. It has nothing to do with science, genetics, IQ or observations and history.

    He probably had a bad life, he deserves a break and release back into the community.

    and yes I am being sarcastic.

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