Mother Tries to Bribe Shooting Victim on Son’s Behalf: It Gets Worse

A Negro mother, Dangelique Duheart Russ, was arrested for attempting to bribe the victim her son was accused of shooting. She wanted the man who had been shot to drop the charges against her son.

Prior to this her sons, Denako and Dearius Duheart were indicted for the murder of a white man on Halloween in 2007, Jason Fourmy. The victim had been severely beaten and set on fire.

Denanko Duheart

Three witnesses to the murder of Fourmy were themselves – murdered!

“This is three witnesses in one case killed. Its really disheartening,”
– District Attorney Hillar Moore

” Moore says witness intimidation has to end and end soon.”

Fear and murder seem to follow these brutes wherever they go. The charges in the Fourmy case have been dropped. It seems these Negros have murdered their way to freedom.


3 Responses to “Mother Tries to Bribe Shooting Victim on Son’s Behalf: It Gets Worse”

  1. So the courts are failing upholding law and order of the most serious crime.
    Yet, all sorts of tickets and fines and harrassment of law abiding people is enforced daily.
    A nigger who stomped his 21 year old, white girlfriend to death. Who just happened to be a stripper and was attempting to end her relationship with the savage was released from prison after being found not guilty because he was crazy from consuming pot.
    She was an out of province girl, who was raised by a single mother and fell into the sex, slavery trap.

  2. and why hadn’t this feral chimp met the end of a rope a long time ago??

  3. As long as this society allows such blatant “double-standards” when it comes to dealing with these simians, we’re going to keep seeing these creatures doing things like this.
    Time to treat ANIMALS…like ANIMALS.

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