Customer at Day – Thief at Night

This Negro was a regular at this Louisiana restaurant. Much to the shock of the owners, he was caught on surveillance camera, after store hours, bashing in their business window then entering and stealing their cash register.


One Response to “Customer at Day – Thief at Night”

  1. I have over 25 years of retail experience. 10 of those in a exclusively white community. The later 15 in a multi cultural shithole. It took me about 2 years to figure out not to stock anything niggers wanted. There is no way, that you can do business with these savages without suffering from loss of property. My customer base increased because my store offered a safe shopping experience free from savage encounters.
    I remember some buck coming in, and asking me for a job being a cashier. You can imagine the thoughts that ran through my mind, one of which was the destruction of my business, the danger I would be exposing my female emplyees too. The gorilla was yammering on about how he would be so good to my business. My ears were deaf to his deceits.

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